How do I Choose the Best Homeopathy Remedies?

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Imagine being in the back room of a pharmacy, reading the labels on drugs and guessing which ones might work, then taking a few, just to see if they do. This example is analogous to the idea of using homeopathy remedies without guidance. Even though the substances used in homeopathy are in extremely diluted forms, they are still drugs, and they need to be treated with the proper respect, and supervised by a certified homeopath and a physician.

All drugs have potential to interact with other medications or to be dangerous when certain conditions exist. It’s therefore important that people work with doctors and homeopaths to find out not only what the best treatments may be but also the safest treatments. Simply reading a label on a bottle isn’t appropriate, whether one wants to take nux vomica or acetaminophen.

Homeopathy is certainly a popular alternative or complementary medicine form, but one troubling aspect remains the difficulty to prove its effectiveness. In clinical trials, claims regarding it do not tend to hold up, and while according to anecdotal evidence, some people find it beneficial, others believe that it is a type of medicine that should have been discarded. It can be tough looking for homeopathy remedies from a physician who doesn’t feel it is effective, but many physicians should be able to determine if any specific remedy may conflict with any present conditions.


Perhaps one of the best ways to figure out best remedies then, since most people may find it pricey to employ both a doctor and a homeopath, is to work with a doctor who is one. There are doctors who have trained in complementary medicine, and they often have full knowledge of homeopathy, herbology and things like Traditional Chinese Medicine. Given the full range of their experience with many different healing techniques, they are often the best people to consult to find homeopathy remedies that most work. Since they’re not tied to one particular discipline, they have a more objective view than do homeopaths or western medical doctors, and they may best advise if homeopathic remedies are the right way to go, of if some other healing method is preferable.

Of course, complementary physicians aren’t that easy to find. Many people may find a few if they live in a major city, but it might mean traveling to get to one if people live in a small town. The next best bet then for finding the best homeopathy remedies is to work with a doctor who may be open or knowledgeable about homeopathy in addition to working with a homeopath.

Some people self-treat, much like rummaging through the pharmacy's back room for a cure. There are books on homeopathy, but reading a book can’t constitute being an expert in this discipline. The tendency to self-treat without advice is potentially risky. People could treat for recurrent headaches that really are the result of high blood pressure, for instance, and ignore other traditional medicines and treatments that might lower blood pressure and risk of stroke. In the end, the best treatments should always point toward providing best health, and using homeopathy remedies without guidance or medical care is risky business.



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