What are Some Tips for Choosing Interior Paint Colors?

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Choosing interior paint colors can be fun, yet also confusing. It can be pleasant to get a chance to choose and use your favorite colors. However, you're also likely to have to take other things into consideration such as your furniture colors and interior decor colors.

You don't have to rule out any of your favorite colors right away when you're choosing interior paint colors. Give yourself five or six colors to start with so you can begin to narrow your choice down. Ask yourself which colors look best with the colors you have to work with such as brick or wood tones in the room. Then eliminate any of your favorite colors that just won't work.

Next, consider the furniture you have and/or will purchase. Which of your short list of paint color possibilities will look the best with your furniture? If choosing interior paint colors is still a problem at this point, a helpful tip is to consider the colors in any patterned pieces you’ll be using such as rugs, fabrics or dishes that you want to use in your interior decor.


Also, be sure to think about how the interior paint color will work in setting the mood or theme that you want for the room. For example, if you have your heart set on a warm Tuscan kitchen, cool blue interior walls are probably not going to set that ambiance as well as textured terra cotta might, although the contrast been blue and orange is quite interesting. Think of all the possibilities and then go with the look that you love most. While choosing interior paint colors doesn't have to be rocket science, you also shouldn't rush into making a decision.

Sometimes, when working on a creative project, it's a good idea to take a break from consciously making a decision. Give yourself a few days to not think about it and you may find that you’ll get hit with a creative idea about choosing interior paint colors when you least expect it. It may seem like a bother to be so concerned about choosing interior paint colors, but you'll be living with your color choice every day and if you take time in your decision making it can lead to a color you'll love to see daily rather than one you won't.



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