How can I Redecorate a Room in One Day?

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There are some tried and true decorating tips you can use to redecorate a room in one day. The first item to address is the focal point. The focal point is simply the largest or the most notable item in a room. Changing it can change the entire space.

In a living room, the focal point may be the fireplace. In a dining room, it may be a bay window. In the bedroom, it is most likely the bed. Much like making the bed causes the entire bedroom to appear neater, because it is the largest item in the space, redecorating such an element can also change the overall look and feel of a room. In other words, you can redecorate a room in one day, by simply changing your bedding and a few accessories.

If you change a white bedspread to a bright red comforter, the entire room is going to feel warmer. Then, simply add a few touches of color around the rest of the space, pulling colors from the new element. Add a vase of red roses on the dresser. Put up a painting with some red in it on a far wall. Another option is to change from formal to casual or vice versa.


Getting rid of clutter or items that don’t belong in the space is another important factor. By clearing the way, you can more easily redecorate a room in one day. If you’re not using the weight bench regularly, move it out of the family room. Just one step like this can make a big change before you ever touch a paintbrush or a sewing needle.

Another good option if you want to redecorate a room in one day is to simply rearrange the accessories and furnishings already in the space. Designers refer to this as an interior redesign. Some of the design shows on television have regular segments on interior redesigns. One important tip is to make the room appear more spacious. Creating good traffic patterns or better “flow” can help make a space feel much more open and inviting. Open spaces also tend to feel more modern.

The best part is that an interior redesign doesn’t cost much if anything to do. You may want to add just a few new things. While moving furniture is a lot of work, this option will allow you to redecorate a room in one day without having to spend a lot of money.

Color is clearly one of the most important considerations if you want to redecorate a room in one day. By adding bursts of color throughout a stark or neutral room, you can make a big impact. Most anything can be used to add color. You can paint the walls or just one wall. You can add new fabrics from pillows and rugs to window treatments. You can also make a big difference by simply adding colorful accessories and artwork.



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@clintflint - As long as you don't go too far into having a themed room. It can be done and done well, but if you have a house with one strongly themed room after another it starts to feel commercial rather than comfortable.

Stick to a single theme, by all means, but don't recreate the deck of a ship to go with your nautical theme (unless that kind of thing really floats your boat).

Post 3

@Ana1234 - There are some very quick drying paints on the market these days, but I agree that you really need to plan it well if you intend to repaint over the course of a single day.

Another option is to redecorate the furniture of the room without changing the room itself. If you've got ratty furniture, you can paint that, or strip it back to natural wood or metal.

Sometimes it's just a matter of making sure everything in the room matches. They don't have to be the exact same make, but similar colors, or similar time periods can go a long way to making a room seem deliberate rather than just thrown together.

Post 2

Planning is very important if you really need to get a room done in a single day. You can't expect to be able to paint it and then replace the furniture before the paint has dried.

You also can't expect someone to sleep in a freshly painted room without thinking about paint fumes.

So if the hurry is that you're setting up a guest bedroom for an out-of-town guest or something like that, I would suggest trying to get it done a few days before they arrive, even if you do manage to fit it all into a single day. Either that, or don't do much painting or anything that needs to dry. You can redecorate a room in one day by shifting around the furniture and bedding and adding a few nice pictures.

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