What are Some Natural Snoring Remedies?

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There is nothing worse than trying to get a decent night's sleep with your spouse lying next to you, snoring like a freight train. Sleeping on the couch may be an option, but who wants to do that forever? There are several natural snoring remedies that may help resolve this issue, without having to take medication or have surgery.

Many people snore because their tongue falls to the back of their mouth when they are sleeping. One of many natural snoring remedies involves raising the person's head higher than the rest of their body. This keeps the tongue in the front of the mouth, leaving the air passage open.

Natural snoring remedies involve the use of a humidifier. Congestion is often a cause of snoring. Using a humidifier lubricates the throat and decreases the amount of congestion. A person can use the humidifier with a Mentholatum® solution or plain water. Keep the door of the room closed to increase the humidity in the air.

Avoiding dairy products is another one of several natural snoring remedies. Drinking dairy products increases the mucus in your throat. If one consumes dairy products before bed, the mucus will accumulate in the back of the throat, resulting in snoring. Stop eating and drinking dairy products at least two hours before going to bed.


Snoring remedies also include repositioning oneself when he sleeps. Some people will stop snoring if they sleep on their side. This causes their tongue to fall to the side of their mouth, instead of the back of their throat. Others may stop snoring if they sleep on their stomach, which helps their tongue to fall forward. Placing a pillow behind a person will stop them from flipping over on their back during the night.

People who have a tendency to snore should steer away from alcohol or sleep aides. These products cause the throat muscles to relax. When the muscles of the throat relax, the passageway narrows and a person starts to snore.

Being overweight is the biggest cause of a person snoring. Losing weight is one of the most important natural snoring remedies, as the excess weight causes an increase in the amount of fatty tissue in the throat passage. This narrows the airway, causing snoring. None of the above remedies will be completely effective if the there is excessive fatty tissue in the throat passage. Losing just ten percent of one's body weight can dramatically decrease the frequency of snoring.



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Post 3

My husband used to snore a lot. The doctor said that it is probably because he breathes through his mouth. He had been breathing that way since childhood. He had to train himself to breathe through his nose.

He also uses a netty pot to clear his nasal passageways and nasal spray sometimes. It has helped tremendously. He snores rarely now.

I'm sure you all know this, but smoking doesn't help snoring either.

Post 2

Playing the didgeridoo helps prevent snoring! I just heard about this on TV. The doctor said that playing this instrument makes the airways in our throat stronger.

It doesn't look hard to play and I don't think it's very expensive. You can probably get it online. Give it a try!

Post 1

I think the best thing to do until a longer term solution can be found is to wake up your partner when they are snoring and ask them to change their sleeping position. Many people snore, which makes us think that it's normal, but it isn't.

It means that they can't breathe. It can also develop into sleep apnea later on. So we should wake them up and put a pillow under their head, or ask them to sleep sideways.

There are also herbal sprays made of natural oils you can use. They say that it can be used before sleeping and it helps clear the throat and nose.

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