What is a Snoring Clinic?

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A snoring clinic is a medical facility that provides evaluation and treatment for people with snoring problems and other sleep disorders. It is staffed by personnel with extensive training in the management of sleep disorders and usually includes an array of the latest diagnostic equipment. Quality of care can be very high and patients may be referred by their physicians, or choose to seek out treatment at a snoring clinic on their own. Costs vary, and may not always be covered by insurance, making it advisable to check with an insurance provider before making an appointment.

At a snoring clinic, facilities are available for sleep studies, where people spend several hours or an entire night in the clinic sleeping under observation. In addition to being watched, they can also be studied with monitoring equipment to learn more about the causes of snoring. Other diagnostic testing and evaluation is available as well, allowing doctors to perform imaging studies to look for anatomical explanations for snoring problems, as well as conducting other tests.


When a patient goes to a snoring clinic, testing is performed to find out why the snoring is occurring, and treatment options are recommended on the basis of the testing. This can include wearing devices to breathe more easily in sleep, surgery to correct physical anomalies, or making lifestyle changes. The snoring clinic has surgical suites available for patients who need surgery, and can also do things like fitting continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines for patients who need help breathing while they sleep.

In addition to being annoying for sleep partners, snoring can be a sign of an underlying medical issue such as sleep apnea. It is important to receive adequate treatment for snoring. Patients may also find that other health problems such as daytime fatigue are also resolved with snoring treatment because they will be sleeping more comfortably and for longer periods of time. Referrals to a snoring clinic can allow patients to access a variety of care providers and treatment options.

When people go to a snoring clinic, they will usually complete an extensive survey. It can be helpful to bring a sleeping partner along, as there may be some questions only another person should answer. People should be as comprehensive and detailed as possible in the survey, as seemingly unrelated medical issues may be directly linked to the snoring problem, and knowing about those issues will help doctors narrow down a cause for the snoring more quickly.



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