What are Some Growing Job Markets?

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Consumer analysts frequently forecast which jobs will be “hot jobs” in the near future. A growing job market in a particular field can direct a potential job seeker thinking about what path to take in college, or where to direct a career change.

One exceptionally large growing job market in the US is education. Positions for teachers in grades K-12 is actually considered to be the largest growing job market by the second decade of this century. Since teachers are not paid very well for their work, prospective teachers may want to shop around and look for districts that offer incentives. To attract new employees school districts may offer housing allowances or special privileges. One schoolteacher recently accepted a job because he got access to fish on a private land. It is smart to look for jobs that offer the most benefits.

Colleges are also employers, and they are expected to be the third largest growing job market by 2010. College teachers frequently make a bit more than elementary school teachers, so it may be worthwhile to stay in college to obtain one’s PhD.

The second largest growing job market is the field of health care. Most people are aware that nurses are in high demand. The relatively recent field of physician’s assistants is also expected to be in extremely high demand by 2010. The need for positions is expected to increase by nearly 50%.


Computer related jobs will still be a growing job market as baby boomers reach retirement. However, most prospective employees today find that it is difficult to find jobs in this field, and many computer operations are being outsourced to foreign fields. There will still be increases in hiring of computer technicians, but these may not be as lucrative positions as was the case in the past.

For those who like feel of the open road, they may want to consider a career as a truck driver. This growing job market is expected to increase significantly in the next five to six years. Training is relatively short-term, and hours can be flexible. A college degree is not necessary to obtain a good job in the trucking industry in the next decade. An advantage in this type of field is that it cannot be outsourced.

Another growing job market is hazardous material removal, which may increase need by adding about 40% more jobs over the next decade. As the US makes itself a more environmentally friendly country, building codes have placed stricter laws on what is considered habitable. As our homes and offices age, more hazardous material removal is needed. This field can be lucrative, though it does carry some risks of exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Economists also suggest looking closely at government jobs. With many baby boomers retiring in the next decade, the government will be looking to fill jobs in many different fields. Though pay may be slightly lower than for jobs in the private sector, benefits and time off packages are usually incredibly generous. Job seekers searching for work should consider looking at both state and federal government offerings as a way to really secure a solid work future.



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