How can I Find a Job Teaching English Overseas?

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Teaching English overseas has become increasingly popular over the last decade. People who need a break from a hectic lifestyle, young people in search of adventure, and anybody who wants to experience the world are good candidates for teaching English overseas.

Teaching English overseas won't make you rich. The average salary for an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher is usually similar to the standard local salary. There are also volunteer jobs, such as working for the Peace Corps, and highly-paid positions working for private corporations, especially in the Middle East, but all in all, teaching English overseas may not be for you if all you're looking for is a way to make money. Teaching English overseas involves some perks. You will probably receive full medical benefits, a free apartment, and the chance to learn a new language.

Once you've made the decision to teach English overseas, the first step is choosing the right country. Asia and Latin America have a great demand for native speakers, as do Russia and Eastern European countries. Where you go depends on your preference, but also on your nationality. British nationals, for example, have a better chance of landing a job in an European nation, since they don't need a visa or complicated paperwork. Americans are closer to Latin America due to historical and cultural ties and may feel more welcome there.


Once you've decided upon your ideal place for teaching English overseas, the next step is to become certified. Certification as an ESL teacher usually involves taking a 100+ hours course. Workshops with a practice section may run as high as 3,000 US Dollars (USD), but it's possible to take a basic course online for just a fraction of the cost. The benefit of taking a more expensive course is that many schools have a system to help you get started teaching English overseas. They may have a partnership with a recruiting agency or direct contact with schools looking for teachers.

Once you obtain a certificate, the next step in teaching English overseas is securing a job. Most companies now post vacancies online, and a number of websites offer job boards for aspiring ESL teachers. If you see a school you'd like to apply to, make sure to research it first. Either Google the name or read ESL forums to see if there are any negative comments about it.

If you receive an offer from a school, insist on a phone interview. Serious companies will have no problem answering your questions and reassuring you. Teaching English overseas can turn into a great adventure if you take the right approach.



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