What are Pet Horoscopes?

Pet horoscopes are astrological horoscopes interpreted especially for furry family members. Not only are they lots of fun, but they might even shed some light on the inner workings of your dog or cat's personality. Ferrets, rats, rabbits and birds are all fair game too.

Animal lovers, professional handlers, veterinarians, zookeepers and those involved in animal husbandry are well aware that animals, like people, have different personalities. Those who have studied animals in the wild will attest that no two tigers, gorillas or wolves are alike just because they share the same genetic traits as the other members of their species. Some exhibit short temperedness, others tolerance, some a more curious nature, and others contentedness. While biologists have scientific reasons for such differences in personalities, some people believe that like their human relatives, the answer lies in the stars. Or more precisely, the planets within our solar system.

Through interpreting the birth date of your animal companion and the position of the planets, pet horoscopes aim to delight you with insight or even 'verification' of the traits you find so loveable and maybe even not so loveable in your furry, feathered or scaled friend. Whether taken as fact, anecdotally, or as fanciful fictional fun, pet horoscopes can be enjoyable and entertaining.

Aside from the natal chart which is based on your pet's birth date, daily pet horoscopes geared towards your puppy, kitten or parrot are intended to interpret the current movement of the planets for general astrological advice. For example, if Mercury the planet of communication is retrograde, a pet horoscope might include the warning that you may have trouble understanding what your pet wants or needs during this time. There may be miscommunication which could lead to acting out or that "hang dog" look.

Is Jupiter, the planet of higher mind, education and travel figuring prominently? If so, your pet horoscope might tell you it's a great time to teach your pet new tricks, or to take the little critter with you on that vacation you've wanted to take. Pet hotels will be happy to accommodate you and your dog, cat or small animal.

Maybe Mars, the planet of aggressive energy is casting its red glow over your pet horoscope? If so it may suggest you to avoid the Dog Park or interactions with other animals for a day or so. You might also notice that your macaw is rather feisty or that your kitten has shredded the drapes! And you might not notice anything at all. But that probably won't keep you from taking pleasure in the readings anyway.

Many people find that pet horoscopes are an enjoyable way to indulge themselves in the love of their nonhuman friends and companions. Many pet horoscopes are available online. Bear in mind that many if not most are written with sheer fun in mind.


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