What Should I Consider When Choosing a Pet Groomer?

Choosing the right groomer for your pet is an easy enough process if you know what you expect from your pet groomer. Most pet groomers are qualified for grooming any domestic animal, but dogs are the most frequent patrons for any pet groomer. When choosing a groomer, you should place the cleanliness of the establishment above all else.

Most pet groomers can handle grooming any breed of dog with sufficient results, however, if you are having your dog groomed for showing, you may want to choose a professional groomer who specializes in your breed of dog and who is familiar with show quality grooming. Bichon Frises, Poodles, and Spaniels are just a few breeds that may require a pet groomer with specific experience. Some dogs, as the aforementioned Bichon, require regular grooming even if they aren’t show dogs. Many shorthaired breeds, such as the German Shepard, Dalmatian, and Beagle, don’t require the same frequency of visits to the pet groomer, but you still want to be sure your groomer can handle your dog.

There a few standard questions you can ask of your potential pet groomer to ensure quality service. Ask what is included in their standard grooming service, as well as what services are extra. If your dog is particularly nervous with strangers, ask what attention will be given to ensure his or her comfort. Also, you might want to inspect the drying cages in the establishment before you leave your dog. Some pet grooming establishments have various sized cages to accommodate all different sizes of dogs, but there are some that have little variety and may put a dog in a cage that is too small.

If by chance you cannot find a suitable pet groomer, or your dog or cat, as the case may be, is too apprehensive to be left, you may be able to find a mobile pet grooming service in your area. Mobile pet groomers have fully-equipped trucks or vans that can be brought to your home for your and your dog’s convenience. There are also pet groomers who work out of their homes. In some cases, this provides a more personalized experience for your dog and warrants better service for you. On of the best ways to find a pet groomer you like is to ask people you know who have dogs. You might also check with your veterinarian for a referral to a reputable pet groomer.


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