What are Online Traffic Schools?

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Online traffic schools are not the place to visit when you need to learn how to drive, but they are the right stop if you need points dismissal, an insurance premiums reduction, or even a safety course for work-related certification. There is basically no difference between attending a traditional school and an online traffic school, except the setting. In both cases, you are required to take a course or workshop, and then pass a test. The complexity of the course depends on why you are enrolling on the school in the first place. For example, if you need to clean your record of a ticket, you may only be required to take a one-day workshop, while points dismissal may require something longer. The average course at online traffic schools takes 5 hours to complete.

Online traffic schools use eBooks, animations, videos, and online texts to provide all required information. Sometimes live classes are available, but these are the exception rather than the rule. After all the material has been reviewed, students need to pass the official test before they are issued a certificate. Online traffic schools provide you with a way to save your last visit, so you don't have to start from the beginning if you need to log off and come back later.


Another great advantage of online traffic schools is the low cost. Most courses cost under $50 US Dollars (USD), and many may be as little as $10 USD. Prices may vary according to course length, but also due to location and type of offense. Some online traffic schools are free, and only require payment if you pass the test and want to ask for a copy of the certificate. OnlineTraffic, one of the largest online traffic schools in the nation, offers free phone and email support, real phone personnel available for questions, and the chance to retake the exam for free if you fail. The total price for the average course is only $18 USD. There are many other online traffic schools out there, so do your research. More expensive online traffic schools may offer accelerated courses or delivery of your certificate directly to the court rather than to you.



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