How do I get a Traffic School Certificate?

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There can be a number of reasons why a person would need to earn a traffic school certificate, and it usually involves some type of traffic violation. In most cases, taking a traffic course to obtain a traffic school certificate is the only way to resolve a traffic citation. If the traffic violation is minor, obtaining a traffic school certificate might allow for the violation to be dismissed or forgiven. In more serious cases, a traffic court could order the violator to obtain certification to meet certain probationary criteria. A new driver wanting to obtain a driver’s license or a learner’s permit also might need to acquire a traffic school certificate.

In order to obtain a traffic school certificate, a driver typically first has to go to traffic violator school. Locating a school can be a daunting task; not all traffic schools are alike. Most states only will accept an accredited traffic school, meaning the school usually must meet department of motor vehicle (DMV) approval. One way to assure that the school is accredited is to ask the school. Most traffic schools typically list their accreditation on their Website or other advertisement.


Sometimes going to traffic school can reduce up to three points on a driving record. In some cases, auto insurance companies will give discounts on auto insurance to their customers who have obtained a traffic school certificate. Before earning a traffic school certificate, it usually is a good idea to first find out about the regulations pertaining to each state since most states have different traffic violation rules. Most state driving information usually is available online, or by calling or visiting a local department of motor vehicles office.

Most traffic violator courses typically are given through private companies, and there are various means to take a traffic school course. One way is through the Internet from an online traffic school. Online traffic schools typically are convenient and cost-competitive. Some online traffic schools offer a range of ways of transmitting materials that includes streaming video, DVD video, workbooks, and e-workbooks. If a person does not have access to the Internet, another way to acquire traffic school certification can be through a private driving school organization.

When considering traffic school certification, some points to keep in mind might include cost effectiveness and how convenient the course is to attend. A person also might consider what style of course presentation works best for them to optimize the potential of passing the class. It usually is important to check on school accreditation and state guidelines, as well.



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