What are Key Household Organizing Strategies?

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Knowing key household organizational tips is essential to having a home that runs smoothly and efficiently. When everything has its own place, and there is room for everything, life can be less stressful and hectic. There are several tips you should know before you organize your home.

First, have a household binder. This binder will contain everything from emergency numbers to daily cleaning plans. Have a envelope in there for receipts, daily planner pages, and information on handymen, phone services, and contact information for any business that you normally interact with. Make a list of all of the normal housework that needs to get done, and divide it by how often it should be done. Then decide which days of the week you will be doing them. For example, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you vacuum, you do the dishes every day, and you mop on Sundays. Keep a copy of this list somewhere everyone in the household can see it.

Having a storage strategy in place can make organization a breeze. There are storage systems available to fit almost every consumer need. Not only do storage solutions make it easier to organize, but they also help to reduce the cluttered look common in smaller homes. Using drawer organizers, for example, can double the amount of cooking utensils that can be placed inside a kitchen drawer. A closet organizer can allow you to hang up more clothes, plus have room for boxes and shoes.


Many garages have gone from a place to park cars to a place to park junk. To organize a garage, set aside a couple of back-to-back days, such as a weekend, to devote to the task. Ask family and friends for help, especially if your garage is extremely unorganized. Figure out what is in the garage, and whether or not it belongs there, in the house, or in the garbage. The best way to do this is to pull everything out, and then divide the stuff in to piles in the driveway. If there is a lot that will be going into the garbage, especially if most of it is larger items, consider renting a dumpster for a few days.

Set up a new storage system in the garage once it is empty. Create a logical place for everything before bringing anything back into the garage. To keep your garage organized, plan a couple hours every month to sort through and get rid of anything that doesn't belong out there.

Having a strategy to help you organize your home makes what could be a frustrating job a little easier. Before beginning, plan out what needs to get done, and what you will need to do it. Treat yourself to new storage solutions. Learn how to control clutter. An effective household organization strategy takes time, but the pay off – an organized and less hectic home – is huge.



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