Is It Worth It to Hire Professional Organizers?

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In recent years, a new type of professional service has become increasingly common in both the office and the home. Professional organizers assist clients in evaluating their storage and organizational needs, then come up with a plan to help create a more ordered environment in the space. While some people think that professionals of this type are only for people without any organizing talent, that is not the case. Here are a few good reasons to hire a professional organizer.

Home organization, as well as office organization, is a task that often requires coming up with creative ways to organize belongings so they are easily accessible, while still fitting into the space with ease. This means that unused items must be weeded out, so the space can be utilized to best advantage. Professional organizers have no emotional attachment to anything in the space. Because of this professional detachment, a competent organizer can motivate clients to rid themselves of items that serve no useful purpose and only take up valuable space. Few people can force them to get rid of items they have kept for years, on the off chance they will need them “someday.”


Another advantage that professional organizers bring to the table is vision. They can often see the best way to use not only linear elements to organize the space, but also vertical elements as well. Often, the organizer will know of ways to create storage that would never have occurred to the client, thus bringing a degree of order that would have been impossible without calling upon professional services.

Even with the task of closet organization, professional organizers often exhibit a flair for renovating the interior space so that items can be stored with some sense of reason and accessibility. As with the task of organizing rooms, a professional can organize closets so that no space is wasted, while all the contents can be retrieved without having to move other items out of the way.

In reality, there is nothing that professional organizers do that could not technically be accomplished by just about anyone. The difference is that not just anyone has the creative vision, the ability to eliminate unnecessary items from the space, and see possibilities where others see only a hopeless mess. For this reason, hiring a professional will ultimately mean a more organized life and a lot less frustration when attempting to locate tools, clothing, office supplies, or any of the many items people tend to accumulate.



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What kind of training does it take to become a professional organizer? I have considered hiring one in the past but I don't want to spend good money on someone who doesn't have any credentials. I know lots of people who are good at organizing their garage or closet. That doesn't mean they are qualified to sell advice to other people.

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I think in some instances consulting with a professional organizer is kind of frivolous, but in other instances it can be a huge aid to the chronically disorganized.

There are some people whose lives are seriously effected by the amount of stuff that they have and their inability to keep it all organized. Their businesses suffer, their interpersonal relationships suffer and they live their whole lives behind a curve.

For these people the service of a professional can be a big help. Obviously they have a problem that they cannot fix themselves. Might as well consult with someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

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