What are Different Types of Event Producer Jobs?

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The different types of event producer jobs all cover similar areas of activity, but are usually employed by different groups and may involve different talent sets. These jobs can include being an independent contractor to other businesses, being part of a larger event production firm, or working for a particular venue such as a large hotel, university, or nonprofit organization. Event producer jobs can often include organizing the different people and companies needed to execute an event, working at a lower level beneath another producer to achieve a large objective, and networking among potential clients to find future work.

An event producer is usually someone who works within a larger company or for other companies and organizes large events for that group. This typically involves coordinating food services and vendors, setting up stages and presentation areas, obtaining necessary permits, and handling expenses and invoicing between contractors and clients. The process is often meticulous and can be difficult, but ultimately may be quite satisfying and allow a person to see his or her vision fully realized in a very large venue.


Some large companies offer event producer jobs to full-time employees as part of their staff; this allows the companies to easily prepare for large events. In this role, an event producer would likely consider the needs of the company he or she works for and ensure those needs are being met. Hospitality businesses such as larger hotels and restaurants can have staff event producer jobs to ensure they are always ready to host large parties or major events. This allows them to avoid paying to contract out to another firm or producer.

Other event producer jobs are found by a producer working independently, either by starting a small firm or working alone. In this situation, the producer would usually need to find new clients and opportunities to organize events for major functions and groups. This usually involves hiring vendors and other groups to work an event, and an independent event producer would want to cultivate relationships with other businesses that he or she could rely on for events.

A producer could also find event producer jobs at a larger event production company that focuses solely on creating events for major functions and groups. These could be televised events such as awards shows and major entertainment expositions and shows, or private functions such as fundraisers and lavish weddings. In either case, an event producer would work to ensure that the promises and goals of the company he or she worked for were met and delivered by the workers and crew organizing the event.



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