What are Different Home Remedies for Dark Circles?

Dark circles under the eyes make a person look tired, older, and sometimes even sick, and for many people it can be a chronic issue that affects the way they look and how they feel about their appearance. There are many home remedies for dark circles under the eyes that are available, and people have begun to turn to these remedies instead of expensive creams filled with chemicals. Home remedies for dark circles take natural products and apply them to the eyes to reduce puffiness and lighten the under eye dark circles. There are also certain lifestyle and nutrition changes that can help prevent dark circles.

Placing freshly sliced cucumber over the eyes for around 10 minutes is the most famous home remedy for dark circles, and it is used in many spas during facials. Massaging cucumber juice around the eyes or soaking cotton balls in the juice is an alternative to using slices. Cucumber helps to cool and soothe the puffy look of under eye bags. Using potato slices or the juice from sliced potatoes is an alternative to cucumbers. The starches in potatoes remove redness and irritation, and also help to lighten the appearance of dark circles.

Using green tea bags over the eyes is another of the home remedies for dark circles. Steep two fresh tea bags in boiling water for three minutes, and then allow the bag to cool in the refrigerator. Once the bags are cool, wrap them in a paper towel and place the bags over the eyes for up to 15 minutes. Green tea contains many antioxidants and tannins, which is an astringent. These natural chemicals will constrict the capillaries under the eye and reduce inflammation.

Various oils and juices are effective home remedies for dark circles. Applying rose water, a mixture of lemon and tomato juice, or a mixture of turmeric powder and pineapple juice is popular with some people. Other people have found great results by applying vitamin E oil, almond oil, or vitamin C oil under the eyes for a few weeks. Some people find that using crushed mint leaves on the dark and puffy circles helps with inflammation and redness. Alternating between applying cold and hot compresses can stimulate circulation under the eyes and reduce inflammation.

Dark under eye circles usually appear because of stress, lack of sleep, nutritional deficiencies, and aging. Drinking ten glasses of water, getting eight hours of sleep every night, and eating nutritional meals with a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals can help to prevent the appearance of dark circles. Eating a lot of high sodium and salty foods can cause the body to retain water and could create puffy under eye bags. Exercising, which increases the body’s circulation, can also help to prevent dark under eye circles from appearing.


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SarahGen-- I think it's worth a try!

My roommate likes to smash a kiwi and apply it underneath her eyes for dark circles. She says that it works. But you have to lay down while doing this. Egg whites are supposed to help too, but I don't want to smell eggs on my face, so I've never tried that.

I usually use a warm chamomile tea bag when my eyes are tired from studying too much. Chamomile is supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties, so it fights eye puffiness/eye bags in addition to dark circles. I think it's better than green tea.

None of these natural remedies for dark circles will give you miraculous results though. They will help if you have dark circles due to fatigue, but if you have hereditary and chronic dark circles, they won't do much.

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I've heard that vitamin C has skin lightening effects. Will vitamin C help remove dark circles under eyes? And what should I use for this, oranges?

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Cucumber slices are great for dark circles, and so are potato slices.

I learned about potato slices from my mom. She said that the enzymes in potatoes get rid of dark circles. I tried it and it really works. I like putting the potato in the fridge first because it feel even better when the slices are cold. It's my go-to remedy when I have to work at night and look very tired and worn-out in the morning.

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