How Can I Prevent Dark Circles?

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Concern about developing dark circles under your eyes is understandable, as this condition can make you look ill, tired, or older than you actually are. While there is a genetic component to the condition that makes it difficult to prevent dark circles entirely, medical and lifestyle issues can create or exacerbate under-eye discoloration. Simple things that you can do to prevent dark circles include getting enough sleep, using sunscreen, and both moisturizing and exfoliating the eye area on a regular basis. Eye irritation caused by sensitivity to cosmetic products or your environment can also play a role in this condition, so treating these sensitivities and allergies can likewise help you prevent dark circles from forming.

Lifestyle habits can have an impact on your skin’s appearance. If you aren’t sleeping or eating well, your facial skin can appear pale, which accentuates dark circles. Take steps to ensure that you get adequate sleep and that you eat a healthy diet. Talk to your doctor if you have difficulty sleeping, as this can be a sign of other health concerns.


Ill-fitting eyewear can contribute to discoloration under your eyes, so if you wear eyeglasses, take care to ensure that they aren't applying pressure to the area under or around your eyes. To prevent dark circles, choose lightweight glasses and work with an optician to ensure a good fit. Many opticians and eyewear shops offer free or low-cost adjustments to customers. If you suspect that your eyeglasses are contributing to your problem, make an appointment to have them evaluated.

Eye irritation, such as that caused by allergies or a reaction to cosmetics, can contribute to the appearance of dark circles. If you suspect you have allergies, talk to your doctor about getting an allergy diagnosis and the advisability of using an antihistamine to treat your symptoms. If you think your eye makeup may be the culprit, throw out any old products that you may still be using and discontinue the use of your newer products for a few days to see if the dark circles dissipate. It is also important to remove all of your eye makeup before going to bed each night to prevent irritation and the possibility of the makeup settling into the lines under your eyes, contributing to the discoloration.

Even if you take steps to prevent dark circles, you may still suffer from discoloration around the eyes. Options for dealing with this condition include laser surgery as well as learning how to use highlighter and concealer to even out the coloration of under-eye skin. Medical treatments, which include laser surgery and chemical peels, can be very effective for treating dark circles, so talk to a dermatologist about whether you are a good candidate for these procedures.



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