Is There a Wrinkle Cure?

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It would be ideal for many people if there were a permanent wrinkle cure or a way to completely prevent them. There are certainly claims that a cure for wrinkles exists, and these come in all kinds of forms. One came from Nicholas V. Perricone in his 2002 book The Wrinkle Cure, which is attached to the recommendation that people purchase a variety of extremely expensive products that will effect this cure. It does not appear that Perricone’s cure has been fully effective, given the many people who still walk the earth with wrinkles on their face.

Wrinkles come from different things. They are certainly in part due to the normal aging process, which results in thinner and less elastic skin. Sun damage plays a role too, since it gradually mutates cells and makes them perform their job of producing new skin less well. Other factors can include smoking, and the fact that skin gets a workout from the movement underneath it. Facial expressions like smiling and frowning ultimately result in wrinkles, as does the workout the face receives whenever things are eaten or drunk.


While protecting the skin from the sun and not smoking are good ways to reduce wrinkles, they’re not a wrinkle cure. There are, however, many treatments that may make wrinkles less prominent. The least invasive of these is using non-prescription creams. Some of the most effective of these include ingredients like retinol and alpha hydroxy acid. Prescription forms of wrinkle creams usually have higher amounts of these ingredients and may be more effective in reducing appearance of wrinkles.

There are more extensive and expensive methods that might result in younger looking skin. These include Botox injections, which paralyze the muscles under the skin that are causing the wrinkling. While these may result in smoother skin, they may also make people have a permanently surprised look on the fact and reduce ability to use natural expression. They also need to be repeated every six months or so in order to maintain the look, so they are not a wrinkle cure

People can also try therapies that remove the top layer or layers of skin, which might make wrinkles look less prominent, and these can include chemical peels, dermabrasion or microdermabrasion. Alternately, wrinkled areas can be injected with fillers like fat or products like collagen and Restylane®. These must be repeated too, and don’t last forever.

One of things that has been touted as a wrinkle cure for many years is the lift, usually a face-lift. This is a surgical procedure in which the skin is cut, usually under the hairline and pulled back so that it looks tighter. The degree to which it looks younger may vary, and in some people the skin seems too tight to appear youthful or real. Just as with regular skin, this is no cure for wrinkles. Ultimately the lifted face will begin to sag. Face lifts may last for several years, but aren’t a permanent wrinkle cure.



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