What Ingredients Make Wrinkle Products Effective?

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Prior to addressing this question, it should be noted that anti-wrinkle products do not erase wrinkles. They can help smooth the skin a bit and may diminish the appearance of some wrinkles. Unfortunately, no matter what ingredient they may contain, they will not cure time’s steady march across the face, and the only potential total remedies are to be found with varying forms of plastic surgery. That being said, there are some good ingredients to look for in wrinkle products.

In prescription products, the main wrinkle ingredient that is considered most effective is tretinoin, which is also called Retin-A. A lower dose version of this acid is Retinol. There are lots of wrinkle products available over the counter, which contain retinol. When people can use this ingredient, which some can’t because it may irritate the skin, it is thought to reduce look of wrinkles most effectively by destroying skin cells that are dead and stimulating new cell growth. People should always be careful with vitamin A products and not use them if they are pregnant or planning to get pregnant since this may elevate chances of a child being born with birth defects.


An ingredient that may be praised in wrinkle products is kinetin, which is thought to help increase the skin’s own ability to create collagen. Some people might note copper in wrinkle creams and this could also be a collagen builder that has been useful in healing some skin damage. On this same note, tea, either green or black, has been studied because it seems to help inflammations go down, and it might do some good in keeping skin looking healthy.

Another set of ingredients that are often found in wrinkle products are acids, especially alpha and beta hydroxy acid. These may be found together or separately. They may help clean away dead skin cells, which can promote new skin growth and healing on a minor level. Either or both of these might be good ingredients to look for in wrinkle products as long as people don’t suffer from easily irritated skin. While some products build up collagen or remove inflammation, others tear down skin, and may cause the most irritation.

Wrinkle products are often made for trying to address damage to the skin once it has occurred. There is obviously interest in minimizing or avoiding damage, and by in large, the most effective product to do this is sunscreen. Preventing more damage to the skin by making sure it is protected from the sun is important and any face makeup, lotion, cream or other than has sun protection is a wrinkle product. Another effective product for preventing wrinkles is anything that helps people stop smoking, since smokers get more wrinkly skin. Those who smoke should avail themselves of the means available to stop, including using things like nicotine gum or patches or prescription medicines that may help dull smoking urge.



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