How Should I Design my Home Office?

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Home offices are becoming more popular as more people take advantage of telecommuting and open home businesses. Designing a home office can be easy and typically requires minimal effort.

The first decision in designing a home office is choosing the room that will become the office. It is often helpful to be in a separate area of the home to ensure that the area is quiet and free of distractions. It should be large enough to be functional without feeling cramped. It should also have enough power outlets, telephone jacks and lighting. In some houses, only one room will be available and that room can be adjusted for office use.

Designing a home office is a highly personal choice, as each person has different preferences. In general, a simple setup works well. A desk with room for a computer setup is a good starting point. When selecting an area for the computer, consider how far it will be from power outlets and internet connections. The desk can also include space for paper files, potentially eliminating the need for a separate bulky filing cabinet. The desk should be large enough to comfortably fit any work and computer setup, but not so big that it dominates the room.


A comfortable office chair is also important. It should be comfortable enough to be used for hours at a time. A roller mat underneath can also help protect the floor below.

Bookshelves or shelving units are sometimes useful when an office requires reference materials or books. Depending on the needs of the office, a large shelving unit or smaller wall-mounted bookshelves can be used. To reduce clutter, it is usually a good idea to reduce the number of books in the office to those necessary, storing the remainder elsewhere. This can help an office look more organized.

From there, designing a home office can be as customized as needed. Extra chairs can be used for a client seating area if others are likely to be visiting. Videoconferencing equipment can be added if needed. Separate phone lines or internet connections can be installed where needed. The home office can be designed to look as much or as little as a workplace office.

With a little planning, a home office can be designed to be as functional and productive as any other office. Keeping the design simple and workable are two keys to a successful setup.



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Post 2

@Sunny27 -I love to look at home office pictures just to get some ideas. I like to add bold color when I decorate a home office. I will use colors like lime for the wastebasket, pencil cup, and stapler to add a splash of colors.

I always buy the more modern desks with the glass tops because I think that it looks sleeker and they are easier to clean. I think that the choice of colors for your accessories can really make a difference how you design your home office.

You also want the file cabinets to match the rest of your accessories.

Post 1

I think that home office decorating is so much fun. I love going to the office supply stores and buying all kinds of things to design my office. I think that a desk calendar is important because you will need to know the dates when setting up appointments and agreeing to take on more work.

I think that you should have trays for your invoices and other important documents, but I think that the most important item in your office space design is the chair. Since you will be spending a lot of time sitting down you want a chair that is comfortable enough and offers some lumbar support for your lower black.

You also might want to look at different phones that might work for you. I think that a phone with multiple line capacity that also has speaker phone capability along with an answering machine should work well.

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