How do I Treat High Triglycerides?

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The most common way to treat high triglycerides is to make lifestyle changes. As high triglycerides are caused by too much fat in the body, reducing the amount of one's fat intake can help prevent them from becoming higher as well as lower those already in the body. Losing body weight through regular exercise can also help lower one's triglycerides.

Counting or limiting calories is a popular way to lower triglycerides. This is because increased calories results in increased triglycerides. Aside from low-calorie dieting, other eating choices can be implemented to lower triglyceride levels as well. Consuming more high-fiber foods, such as whole grains and brown rice, can both increase health as well as decrease triglycerides. The same effect can be obtained while simultaneously avoiding excess fats.

Specific foods are sometimes suggested by physicians to their patients who need to treat their high triglycerides. Low-calorie, high-fiber fruits, like apples, are often listed. Vegetables, such as squash and spinach, may be recommended. Other low-fat and low-calorie food alternatives, including skinless meats and skim milk, are often suggested as well.

In addition to promoting good health, regular exercise can help one treat high triglycerides. Exercising for at least thirty minutes each day can help increase the healthy cholesterol in the body while decreasing the amount of unhealthy cholesterol and triglycerides. As one increases the amount of exercise in his or her life, his or her weight also decreases. This, too, reduces triglyceride levels.


Another way to lower high triglycerides is through avoiding or carefully manageing alcohol consumption. Many popular drinks are high in both calories and sugar, making them negatively affect triglycerides. Other substances should be avoided or limited, too, such as foods high in fat, like cream or butter. Fatty meats like bacon are also to be avoided when attempting to lower one's triglyceride levels. Sugar and processed foods can contribute to high triglyceride levels as well.

Doctors often tell people who hope to lose weight and lower their triglycerides to cease drinking soft drinks as well. Soft drinks are typically high in sugar. Switching to water can automatically help many people lose weight and lower their triglycerides.

Trans fat is another contributing factor to high triglycerides. It can and should be avoided to maintain a healthy diet. Both fried and baked goods, such as cookies and crackers, may contain the ingredient. Foods that contain partially hydrogenated oil are known to carry trans fats.



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