How do I Lower Triglycerides Naturally?

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Finding that your triglyceride levels are higher than they should be means making some changes in the way you live. One approach is to use medication to help bring the level of blood lipids back into a reasonable range. At the same time, making a few lifestyle changes will help lower triglycerides naturally, along with providing the benefits of improving heart function and possibly allowing you to avoid heart attacks and enjoy a longer life.

One of the best ways to lower triglycerides naturally is to make changes in your diet. Essentially, the idea is to limit the amount of fat that is taken in on a daily basis, and make sure the fat that is consumed is actually beneficial for your body. This means getting rid of most junk foods that are prepared using fatty oils, avoiding sweets that are loaded with fat, opting for lean meats instead of hamburgers and other fast foods loaded with fat, and stepping up the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. This will not only have a positive impact on your triglyceride levels, but also increase the amount of good cholesterol in your body while reducing the bad. As a result, your risk for heart disease decreases and the chances of living a long and healthy life are greatly enhanced.


Along with changing the diet, regular exercise can go a long way toward helping to lower triglycerides naturally. While exercising two or three times each week will help, some sort of daily exercise for at least 30 minutes will be more effective. Talk with your doctor about what types of exercise would be in line with your current state of health. Even activities like walking or biking can help lower lipid levels and bring your numbers back into a safe range.

Other lifestyle changes will also help lower triglycerides naturally. If you smoke, quit as soon as possible. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum, rather than a indulging frequently. Be aware that people with certain health conditions like diabetes are more likely to also have higher triglyceride and cholesterol levels, making it necessary to make use of a diet plan that minimizes carbohydrate intake as well as fat. Your doctor can provide general information regarding what you can do to lower triglycerides naturally, and also refer you to a dietitian and a fitness instructor that can equip you with the tools to bring your blood lipids under control and enhance your quality of life.



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