How Do I Prevent Back Acne?

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To prevent back acne, certain interventions, such as a strict cleansing regime, oral antibiotics, and topical medications, can be useful. In addition, over-the-counter back acne washes and even anti-inflammatory medications can help prevent back acne, or at least limit the extent of a breakout. Sometimes, however, it is not possible to prevent back acne, but a qualified dermatologist can recommend the most effective treatments and give instructions on home care treatments and remedies.

Sometimes, taking a daily oral antibiotic can prevent back acne. The dosages are typically low, so side effects such as gastrointestinal upset are typically mild. Since back acne can be triggered by bacteria, the antibiotic does an effective job of keeping bacterial counts low and manageable. When antibiotic therapy is used to prevent back acne, the patient should be strictly monitored by the physician, because overuse of antibiotics can reduce their effectiveness over time.

The daily administration of topical medications, such as drying agents are effective to prevent back acne, but they can be irritating to the skin and cause significant dryness. Although certain topical medications for back acne can be purchased at a drug store, prescription strength is sometimes more effective. In many cases, back acne is heredity, so chances are, if one or both parents had the condition, their children will also acquire it. Managing stress can also lower the risk of acne, as stress can increase breakouts.


Maintaining a scrupulous cleansing regime can also discourage the development of back acne. Antiseptic body washes are useful in removing and eliminating bacteria that is formed by skin oils. By keeping the back clean and free from pathogens, acne formation is discouraged, since it thrives on bacteria. It is important to note that while keeping the back meticulously clean is very important, squeezing the blemishes in hopes of hastening healing is dangerous and can cause scarring and infection.

Avoiding chemicals in make-up can also help prevent acne and breakouts, as can using sunscreen. Skin that is irritated and sunburned may be more prone to acne, as may oily skin. It is important to wash the back after workouts to make sure all traces of sweat and oil are removed. Oil and sweat clog the pores on the back, encouraging the formation of back acne. Keeping pillow cases and sheets clean might also prevent back acne, because removing bacteria and dirt can keep back acne at bay.



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