How Do I Choose the Best Back Acne Home Remedies?

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Treating back acne, a common skin condition for both men and women, often means finding just the right home remedy. This means looking at both the sufferer's body and the proposed remedy in a chemical light. It also means examining the sufferer's preferences in terms of fragrance and skin care routine.

The most important thing to do when choosing back acne home remedies is to determine what is causing the back acne in the first place. Typically, acne forms because oil and dead skin cells clog the pores in the skin. Exactly why this happens varies. For instance, some people have hormonal problems that result in excess oil production, while others have back acne because of poorer hygiene habits that fail to wash away excess cells, dirt and oil. Still others have back acne because substances in certain products irritate their skin or because their diet is deficient in nutrients essential for good skin health.


People who are not sure why they have back acne should go to a dermatologist, a doctor who specializes in the conditions of the skin. The dermatologist can tell a back acne sufferer the most likely cause of their skin problems. The doctor also can determine what skin type a person has, such as dry or oily. Once a person knows why she has back acne and what her skin is like, she can start trying different back acne home remedies. Dermatologists almost always recommend proper diet, hydration and exercise as part of an initial, natural approach to treating acne because of the way these items influence body chemistry and the cell cycle.

Following an assessment by a dermatologist, a person looking for back acne home remedies next should determine the degree of effort he wants to put toward the remedy and skin care. Some remedies, such as simple lemon juice or witch hazel washes and tomato scrubs, take just minutes to prepare, use and rinse away. Other back acne home remedies are more involved, such as grinding orange peels and using them to make a paste, take more time. Connected to this concept is the "mess" factor. Some back acne home remedies such as opening the pores with hot washcloths prior to showering or bathing make virtually no mess, while others like oatmeal masks can be messy or greasy and require cleanup every time.

Those looking for back acne home remedies next have to consider their sensitivity to fragrances. Many back acne home remedies such as chamomile tea washes or rosewater have very pleasing aromas. Other remedies some people claim work for back and other forms of acne, such as garlic, are quite strong and may not be as tolerable for some acne sufferers.

The final step in choosing the best acne home remedies is to test and compare various substances. Some people find that certain remedies in the same class, such as tea tree oil and almond oil, have different overall results because of the chemical differences in the substances and the way they interact with the skin. This testing phase is lengthy for some people, as they find that it's necessary to change their back acne home remedies along with the season or environment. For instance, in the winter or when exposed to air conditioning regularly, aloe vera gel might be more effective and soothing.



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