How do I Prepare for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Test?

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An individual who plans to take the pharmacy technician certification test does so in the hopes of earning certification through an organization called the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). This credential is intended to demonstrate that a pharmacy technician has the skills and knowledge necessary to provide pharmacists with efficient assistance. There are several ways a person may prepare for this test. He may take a pharmacy technician training program or gain knowledge through hands-on work with a pharmacist. An individual may also prepare by reviewing pharmacy technician textbooks, guides, or manuals. The official PTCB website also offers an exam-content outline and a practice exam a certification candidate may find helpful.

Part of preparing for the pharmacy technician certification test involves reviewing the eligibility guidelines. Generally, a person who wants to take this test must complete high school or obtain a general educational development (GED) diploma. An individual who is interested in this test must also be free of criminal convictions for crimes that are considered felonies. Likewise, his criminal record should not include convictions for drug- or pharmacy-related crimes, even if those crimes are misdemeanors or less serious in nature. Those who have had a pharmaceutical license or registration revoked, suspended, or denied are usually ineligible to take the pharmacy technician certification test.


An individual who is preparing to take the pharmacy technician certification test may review the eligibility guidelines and discover that he is not eligible. This doesn’t mean, however, that there is no hope for him. He may submit an exemption request and hope that is approved. The PTCB reviews such requests and decides them individually.

The PTCB doesn't require certification candidates to take any specific course or purchase particular materials to prepare for this test. The organization recommends that candidates review the exam outline on the official PTCB website and take the official PTCB practice exam as part of the preparation. Other than that, a person may ask his pharmacy technician course instructor for study materials or ideas. Likewise, an individual who has already obtained a job in a pharmacy may ask the pharmacist for study ideas. Pharmacy technician books and study guides may prove helpful as well.

The PTCB exam includes 90 standardized questions, which are all multiple choice. The test covers the base of knowledge pertinent to helping pharmacists serve patients and helping to maintain inventory systems. It also includes questions related to assisting with administrating and managing a pharmacy.



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