How do I Choose the Best Pharmacy Assistant School?

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A pharmacy assistant is a person who works in the health care field, assisting pharmacists with preparing and dispensing medications, handling administrative- and retail-related tasks, and interacting with patients. In most places, a person can land this job with only a high school diploma or an equivalent credential. Some employers, however, may prefer students who've completed pharmacy assistant programs or earned certification as pharmacy technicians. To choose the best pharmacy assistant school, a person usually considers those that are accredited by an authority in his country or region, provide hands-on pharmacy training, and offer the courses he needs to be well prepared for this job.

An individual who wants to become a pharmacy assistant typically looks for a pharmacy assistant school that is accredited in his jurisdiction. By selecting an accredited pharmacy assistant school, a person can be reasonably sure that the program he pursues will adequately prepare him for this job and for certification, if employers in his area require or prefer certified applicants. Additionally, accredited schools often offer financial aid options and scholarships, which may make a student's financial burden lighter.


An individual may also compare the different programs offered by the schools he's considering before choosing a pharmacy assistant school. A program should focus on such subject areas as anatomy and physiology as well as pharmaceutical law, ethics, and principles. An effective program will also cover pharmacy techniques and record keeping as well as math and computer applications. As part of pharmacy assistant training, a school should also offer students the chance to train in a real pharmacy, under the supervision of pharmacists and experienced assistants. This helps to prepare students for the tasks they'll have to perform in the workplace.

If a person is preparing for certification in this field, he may consider the requirements of the certifying agency when choosing the best pharmacy assistant school. Often, certifying authorities provide outlines of the content that will be on their exams. An individual may use these content outlines to make sure a school's curriculum will well prepare him for passing a certification exam. Additionally, a person may find information about accredited schools on a certifying agency's website.

Another way to choose the best pharmacy assistant school is to ask those who've completed such programs. An individual may ask established pharmacy assistants where they went to school and whether they have any recommendations. Pharmacists may be a source of recommendations as well.



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