How do I Overcome Anxiety?

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Many people suffer from anxiety, and just as there are a variety of people who suffer from it, there are also a variety of ways to overcome anxiety. Each person will find that some things work better than others, and each person might need to try several things before finding the few that work. Staying busy, setting goals, controlling thoughts and feelings, using positive self-talk, exercising and avoiding situations that might cause anxiety are all ways to overcome anxiety. It is important to keep trying various things until you find the methods that work for you.

Staying busy and setting goals can help overcome anxiety. When you are busy working on something that you enjoy, whether it is a hobby, a new job, going back to school or something else, you do not have much time to be anxious about other things. Setting goals can also give you a sense of purpose and direction, which can go a long way in helping you overcome anxiety. Some people choose to focus their efforts on others and stay busy by volunteering to help those who need assistance in some way.

Trying to gain control over your thoughts and feelings is another way to try to overcome anxiety. If you constantly allow your thoughts and feelings to take over your everyday life, you can begin to suffer from endless bouts of anxiety. By refusing to allow yourself to wallow in your anxiety, you can begin to take back your life.


Even though it might seem like a simple thing, positive self-talk can help a great deal in overcoming anxiety. At first, it might seem silly or lacking in purpose, but eventually you will begin to believe the things you have been telling yourself until finally they becomes part of your everyday consciousness. You might even find it helpful to write out your positive thoughts and review them each day.

Exercise helps many people overcome anxiety. The physical activity might help you release a good deal of tension. Thinking of what makes you anxious and using it as fuel for your workout can help you feel much better about yourself and your life.

If at all possible, avoid situations that make you anxious. Sometimes this is not possible, but other times, it is. If watching the news on television makes you anxious, avoid watching it. When situations cannot be avoided, be sure to have coping mechanisms ready, such as breathing exercises and positive thoughts.



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