How do I Overcome a Fear of Blood?

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There is no guaranteed way to overcome a fear of blood, but there are some methods and techniques that may help you. One of the best places to start is to consult a therapist or psychiatric professional. This can be especially important if your fear creates serious reactions that you may not be able to overcome on your own. Either on your own or with the help of a professional, you will likely want to confront images of blood and expand your knowledge regarding blood and the human body. There are also some relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and guided meditation that can help you overcome your fear of blood.

The fear of blood, referred to as hemophobia, is not altogether uncommon and is typically symptomatic of other fears or issues manifesting in one particular way. For many people, a fear of blood is tied to a fear of injury or death, and blood becomes symbolic of this deeper and potentially more meaningful fear. This type of fear can also come about due to a traumatic or violent experience a person endured or witnessed. If this event happened long ago, a person may not even remember the cause and a professional may need to help someone “uncover” the event.


One of the best ways to work to overcome a fear of blood is to force yourself to encounter blood and learn more about it. This does not mean you should physically come in contact with blood, especially since it can be a health concern regarding the spread of diseases and viruses. You may want to view websites regarding human health and anatomy, however, or read textbooks regarding biology and the human body. The more you can separate yourself from the irrational fear of blood and come to see blood as a necessary component for the biological workings of the human body, the more likely you are to begin moving past your fear.

To facilitate this process, you may also want to develop some other tricks for helping you deal with your fear of blood. For many people, this fear manifests itself through dizziness, fainting, hyperventilating, and even anxiety or panic attacks. You can help yourself by practicing deep breathing to remain calm and keep yourself focused mentally when seeing blood. A professional therapist can also help you deal with your fear of blood by helping you learn guided visual meditation. This can assist you in moving yourself beyond the aspects of blood that cause you anxiety and become centered on yourself to remain calm.



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