How do I Open a Bank Account Online?

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To open a bank account online, you must first decide which type of account you want and where you want to establish it. Then you need to go to the website for the financial institution of your choice. There are usually several pages of forms that you will need to fill out with information about your identity, address, and employer. When you have completed the necessary forms, you generally will be required to make your first deposit.

Before you can open a bank account online, there some decisions that you need to make. To begin with, you need to decide what type of account you want. Then you need to choose the financial institution where you would like to have that account. These decisions should not be made thoughtlessly. You should take the time to familiarize yourself with the options. Even though you plan to open a bank account online, you may want to choose a financial institution that has branches in your area.

Once you have made those decisions, go to the website for the financial institution of your choice. You should find a link to open a bank account online. After clicking on that link, you may find one of two things. There may be a list of the types of accounts that are available, or there may be a list of requirements. If you continue, you should be provided with a form to fill out to begin the process.


The application process may require you to fill out several pages of information. The first page usually requests information about the applying account holder. You will be required to provide details such as your full name, physical and mailing address, and date of birth. Applicants are often asked to disclose the amount of time that they have resided at the provided address. Depending on the bank’s regulations and the answer provided, it may be necessary to provide previous addresses too.

At some point you will likely have to provide information about your employment and finances. You may be asked to provide the name and contact details for your employer. If you are unemployed, you may be asked to provide the source of your revenue, such as alimony or child support. It is also likely that you will be asked whether you have other accounts at that institution.

Opening a bank account online usually requires two of the same things that would be required if you opened the account in a facility. You need to provide identification. The items that are acceptable will generally be listed. You will need to indicate the type that you are using and then provide the requested details from it. It is also likely that you will be asked to disclose your citizenship status.

The final step to open a bank account online is usually to make a deposit. You will generally have the option of doing this by using a bank or credit card or by electronically transferring funds from another account. Most of the time, there will be a minimum amount required for this first deposit.



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