How do I Make an Online Deposit?

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The first thing that you will need to make an online deposit is an account that accommodates these transactions. An account that was not opened online will likely require you to register for access to online services. If you are depositing a check, you usually need a scanner. If you are making the online deposit from a credit account or bank account, you will need the information from the card linked to that account. Deposits from another online account usually require the bank and account information for the account from which the deposit will be made.

It is important to realize that having an account with an institution that allows online transactions does not mean that you automatically have access to those services. You may have to apply for online services. Once approved, you generally have to go to the institution’s website and register. Registration may involve a number of things, such as submitting an access code and developing a username and password.

Once you have access to online services, you should access the account into which you want to deposit money. There should be an option to “deposit” or “add funds.” Upon selecting this option, you should be given a list of methods that the institution accepts. Making a deposit from a credit card or bank card tends to be the most common and easiest way.


To make an online deposit from a card, select that option. It is likely that you will then be asked to select the type of card you are using. Next, you will usually be required to enter the card number and the expiration date on it. You may also be asked for the three digit number from the back of the card. After you have entered all of the card information, you should be asked to enter the amount of money you wish to deduct from it for your online deposit.

Deposits from other accounts without cards are usually referred to as transfers. The best way to make a deposit from one institution to another using this method is to go to the institution where the money currently is deposited. You will need to once again register for online services if you do not have them. Once this is done and you have accessed the account, you should select the option to transfer money. To complete this transaction, you will generally need the account number and routing number for the institution where the money will go.

You may also make an online deposit with a check if your financial institution offers this option. To do so, you will generally need a scanner and perhaps special software. After these are properly installed, you can scan a check and the information from it should appear on the computer screen. You will likely be asked to confirm the information before the transaction is completed.



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