How do I Make Money with Google?

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Though it may sound impossible, it is actually possible to make money by simply building a website and signing up with a simple, reputable program that places advertisements on the site. Though basic in principle, trying to make money with Google™ can actually take some rather sophisticated planning and a good understanding of how Google AdSense™ operates. Luckily, trying to make money with Google™ is an educational process, with many webmasters seeing their earnings increase as their understanding of the world wide web grows.

The first key to making money with Google™ is to build a website. This usually involves purchasing a domain name, though some hosting sites allow limited space for free. The content of the website can be as broad or narrow as the heart desires; it is possible to create a profitable personal blog, how-to guide, online store, or even Internet art gallery. Most good websites contain interesting information or provide great entertainment, but within those restrictions, the sky is the limit.


After building a website, the next major step to make money with Google™ is to sign up for Google AdSense™. This is a program that allows Google™ to place advertisements on the site that relate to the subject material. For instance, on a page about wedding planning, Google AdSense™ might include ads for engagement rings, hotels, honeymoon destinations, and dress designers. This type of advertising is known as context-based, and will become very important to anyone who wants to make money with Google™.

When a visitor to the site clicks on one of the ads, this click is recorded by Google™. At the end of a billing period, Google™ charges all the advertisers for the amount of clicks made, then splits the profits with the owner of the website. Just like that, from the comfort of a laptop or office chair, a simple website can start to make money. Additionally, webmasters can install a Google™ Search Engine bar on the page that will generate income through clicks on search results.

Maximizing income from Google™ will depend on many factors, including how popular the website is, what type of ads it draws through context recognition, and even the placement and appearance of advertisements on the web page. Google AdSense™ automatically selects advertisements that offer the highest potential income, but the webmaster is in charge of making the site as successful as possible to draw higher priced ads and more traffic. Most visitors to a website will not click on ad links, but the more traffic that does come to the website, the higher the actual number of clicks. In order to make money with Google™ more efficiently, it may become important to learn about traffic maximization techniques, such as search engine optimization.



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