How do I get the Best Asbestos Removal Cost?

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Asbestos is only hazardous when it is airborne. Therefore, anytime removal is considered, one should first find out about the condition of the asbestos that is present. Once it has been established by a reputable asbestos removal company, and then by a second company for additional testing, that the asbestos is posing a health hazard, then asbestos removal cost quotes should be obtained.

Asbestos removal should only be done by a certified professional who is trained to seal off the affected area, remove, and properly dispose of asbestos. If the process is not completed correctly, it could pose major health threats to those who frequent the area affected, as well as surrounding areas as the asbestos fibers will travel in the air.

Keep in mind that when a person is exposed to asbestos fibers in the air, their chances of developing health problems in later years is increased. Lung and stomach cancer are the results of long-term or high exposure to airborne asbestos fibers. Asbestos can be found in popcorn ceilings, floor tiles, insulation, old house heaters, and various other locations in a building.


Check with a number of different asbestos removal professionals to obtain price quotes and choose the option that will work best for your situation. Some contractors will charge a set fee, regardless of the size of the job. Others will charge by the amount of work involved, therefore if removal has to be done in various locations the cost can easily be driven in to the thousands. The asbestos removal cost will more than likely be determined by how many different areas are affected and the difficulty of the removal process.

Your home or business should first be inspected by a removal company, and then a different company should be contracted to do the removal. After this, you should contact the company that did the inspection to do a follow up appointment. This forms a sort of checks and balance system so that you get the best service for your money and the deteriorating asbestos out of your residence.

Be sure that any asbestos removal cost includes the clean up and disposal as well. There are state and federal regulations that removal companies have to follow, and you should see these outlined in any contract that you sign. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints or problems about a removal company.

For laws and regulations regarding asbestos removal contact or refer to the Environmental Protection Agency in the U.S.; the Consumer Product Safety Bureau in Canada; or the Department of the Environment in Australia. Many countries have an environmental department or health department of some type that will likely have information regarding the hazards and removal issues associated with asbestos. This is the best starting point when trying to obtain an asbestos removal cost quote, and getting asbestos out of your living or work space.



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