How do I get Mesothelioma Help?

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Mesothelioma is a difficult and relatively rare form of cancer that can emerge many years after asbestos exposure has occurred. Though it often most affects the lungs, it can also occur in the heart or abdomen. The cancer is difficult to treat, but new treatments are constantly evolving, and survival rate has improved, especially when the cancer is caught early before it metastasizes. People with this condition do need mesothelioma help of different types including medical help, possibly legal assistance, and emotional support.

The first place to get mesothelioma help is with a doctor, since early treatment may significantly improve outcome. Tumors may form, which may be surgically removed if they have not yet metastasized. Radiation treatment or chemotherapy is usually recommended too, to help slow growth of cancer. Primary doctors typically recommend oncologists with experience treating this illness and people affected may work with one or more cancer specialists to treat the disease. Even with treatment, survival rate is not impressive, but some people do very well with treatment and can fight the cancer for many years.


Most people have noted the barrage of television advertisements about this disease that offer legal mesothelioma help, leading many to wonder if they need a lawyer when they develop this condition. Legal assistance may be useful and typically should not cost anything upfront. Personal injury lawyers can help people identify where they had significant asbestos exposure, and may be able to sue companies or organizations like the military that created this dangerous situation. They could also assist in helping people get supplemental security income or disability, though this may come at an additional charge, and might be better pursued without an attorney.

More importantly a successful lawsuit could pay for health care that is not covered by insurance, or might be used to support survivors of a victim of asbestos exposure. Money may not be available immediately, and mesothelioma cases may take several years to win. Attorneys should make this very clear to clients. It’s important to look for a lawyer that is knowledgeable in this area of law and to also inquire about the lawyer’s percentage of any judgment in favor of the client.

Due to the difficulty of this condition, mesothelioma help in the form of support may be very useful too. There are many organizations that offer help and education. Some of them include the American Cancer Society or the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation. There are also many online support groups available where people can use bulletin boards, email or chat to talk to others who are fighting this difficult disease.



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