How Do I Get Straight Hair?

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From using the right hair products to using an iron, there are several ways to get straight hair. Using a hairdryer with a brush is one of the most common ways to straighten hair although the process can be a bit irritating. A flat iron may be used in addition to the hairdryer or on its own. Both of those options are temporary, while Japanese hair straightening is a permanent method. The hair products used, both before and after straightening the hair, play a part in how straight the hair stays.

Blow-drying hair straight can be a tedious process. To get straight hair, start by separating the hair into sections. Use a large round brush underneath while blow-drying the hair from above. Grab a section of hair, then starting at the roots, move the brush and blow dryer down at the same time to the tips. If the hair doesn't look completely straight, use a flat iron to straighten it even more.


The most important step when using a flat iron to get straight hair is to choose the right iron according to the length and condition of the hair. For example, those with shoulder length curly hair should choose a flat iron with a plate that is 1 inch to 2 inch (about 2.5 to 5 centimeters). Never flat iron hair unless it's dry — either blow dry it first or let it air dry. Separate the hair into small sections, place the iron at the root of each section and slowly work down to the tips. Repeat the process until the hair is entirely straight.

Japanese hair straightening is a permanent way to get straight hair regardless of how curly or wavy it initially is; however, it's not appropriate for hair that is severely damaged, delicate or thinning. The process can cost several hundred U.S. Dollars and take upward of six hours to complete. It starts with a conditioner followed by a relaxer, then the hair is dried. A neutralizer is applied, then the hair is dried again and finally ironed. The hair can't get wet for three days once the process is complete.

Humidity is one of the worst things for hair. It can turned beautifully straightened hair or bouncy curls into a giant frizz ball. To help combat this and get straight hair, use a shampoo and conditioner that contains silicone. It helps prevent the hair from curling or frizzing after it's dry. Once the hair dries, use a very small amount of serum and work it through the hair to tame frizz.



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