How Do I Choose the Best Easy Hairstyles for Straight Hair?

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Straight hair usually dries smooth and free of frizz. This type of hair is very versatile and can be styled in a number of different ways. There are many easy hairstyles for straight hair, and many can be achieved with minimal effort or time. The best hairstyle for you will depend on whether you want to wear your hair down, pulled back away from your face, or pulled back partially. Straight hair can also be curled to give your hair a different look and texture.

Several easy hairstyles for straight hair involve wearing your hair up and pulled back away from your face. One of the easiest styles is the classic ponytail. Hair can be styled into a ponytail very quickly, and fastened either high on your head or low on the nape of your neck.

Buns are also easy hairstyles for straight hair. Your hair can be pulled back tightly into a sleek bun, or one formed by loosely twisting your hair into a slightly messy style. Hair that is straight usually looks good when braided. A braid is a simple style that keeps all of the hair off the face. Wearing straight hair pulled back from the face is a good option if you are a very active person, or if you do not have a lot of time to style your hair.


Straight hair typically also looks good when it is worn down. This kind of style generally involves you combing the hair and either parting it in the middle or on the side. A headband can be worn as an accessory when wearing your hair down. Simply allowing hair to flow naturally can highlight a good haircut while also showing off the shine and color of your hair. For a twist on this type of hairstyle, you can wear your hair up halfway, by pulling the front section of hair back and securing it with a barrette or hair pins.

To really change the look of straight hair, it can be curled. The easiest method of accomplishing this is to wrap your hair around hair curlers or rollers while it is wet. You may let your hair dry naturally or use a blow dryer to dry it while in rollers. When you remove the curlers, your straight hair will have gentle curls. Most of the easy hairstyles for straight hair, such as pinning one side or a ponytail, can also be worn when your hair is curled in this way.



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