How Do I Get Straight Hair without Heat?

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Many people like to wear their hair in a straight style, but popular straightening methods, such as blow drying or using a straightening iron, typically damage and dry out the hair. Straight hair without heat can be achieved through several different methods. At home, the hair can be set, wrapped, or treated with straightening products. For longer lasting straight hair without heat, a person may visit a hair salon for a chemical relaxing treatment.

Using the setting method to get straight hair without heat requires hair rollers, setting lotion, clips to hold the rollers in place, and a comb. Large hair rollers that are 3 to 4 inches (7.6 to 10.2 cm) in diameter should be used. These items can usually be found at a beauty supply store. Hair should be wet, and freshly shampooed and conditioned, before using the rollers.

To set the hair, setting lotion should be applied and combed through it. A comb can then be used to make large sections of hair. These should be wrapped around the hair rollers and secured, against the head, with a clip. The hair should be left in rollers until completely dry. When the rollers are removed, the hair should be straight and voluminous.


Hair wrapping is similar to setting. This process requires two large hair rollers, hair clips, setting lotion, and a comb. Wet hair should be sectioned, with two large sections from the crown of the head being placed in rollers. The remaining sections from the sides and the back are then pulled straight across, or wrapped, over the head and secured with a clip. The hair should be fully dry before the hair rollers and the clips are removed.

Hair that is only slightly wavy can often be straightened without heat by using hair products. These should be applied to wet hair before it is towel-dried, and then thoroughly combed through. Most straightening products contain silicone, so only a very small amount should be used to avoid making the hair greasy.

A longer lasting way to get straight hair without heat involves having a chemical treatment applied by a professional in a salon. This method should be administered by a hair stylist familiar with the procedure to prevent seriously damaging the hair. After a chemical treatment, a rich conditioner should be used to add moisture that may have been lost during treatment. A chemical straightener relaxes any curl in the hair, resulting in straight hair that typically lasts for several months.



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