How Do I Blow Dry Hair Straight?

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It can be relatively easy to blow dry hair straight with the right tools and a few expert techniques. The tools necessary to blow dry hair straight include both electronics and haircare products, and can help create a smooth and sleek straight hair style in a time efficient manner. Holding the hair and blow dryer correctly, and finishing strands with the proper techniques can also go a long way toward making a home blow-out look like a salon job.

The main tools needed to blow dry hair straight are a round, metal brush and a hair dryer. The round brush wraps around the hair, allowing each strand to be fully and uniformly straightened. A good hair dryer can make the difference between a perfect blowout and an uneven, overly-processed mess. Good hair dryers will have several heat and strength settings, and most include a diffuser to reduce frizz. For hair products, using a straightening shampoo and conditioner, heat-protecting styling balm, and a good finishing shine spray can make the job a lot easier.


To blow dry hair straight, first wash and condition hair with products meant for straightening. These products can help loosen curls and waves and may make the straightening process faster. Towel drying should only be done lightly, to avoid causing frizz. Run a heat-protective styling gel through wet hair, which will help guard against heat damage and prevent hair from curling after it is dried. Damp hair can then be divided into several, relatively uniform sections and can be pinned up with bobby pins or hair clips until they are ready to be individually dried.

To begin the drying process, unpin the lowest section in the back, and run the round brush through it to work out any tangles. Rolling the hair in the brush from tip to root, aim the hair dryer at the section as the brush is slowly pulled back down through the hair. It may help to aim the dryer at the area of hair directly above the brush, keeping hair taut by using downward pressure on the strands. To create a flipped end, which may be more natural looking than a fully-straightened style, keep the ends of the hair wrapped around the brush while aiming the blow dryer directly at it.

This simple process can then be repeated with each section to blow dry hair straight. It may help to gather up already straightened hair in a loose ponytail or clip, so that dried hair doesn't mix with wet hair. To create volume at the crown, position the brush on top of the hair section, roll up, then aim the dryer at the underside of the roots. If any sections remain curly or wavy after drying, touch-up using a flat-iron. Once the drying process is complete, spritz hair with a light hairspray or shine solution to help the style hold and remove any frizzies or fly-away pieces.



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