How do I get Started in Excavator Sales?

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To get into excavator sales, it is generally a good idea to build a rapport with construction companies in your area, learn as much as possible about the use and maintenance of excavators, and look into various businesses that sell them. Many sales-related companies are eager to hire new talent, so if you have the drive and ambition, you may be able to find a rewarding career in excavator sales by visiting local retailers and letting them know about your goals. You may also consider starting your own business selling excavators and other equipment by partnering with a drop shipping company and selling online or by purchasing an inventory of excavators and selling them in person.

If you have no experience in sales, you may want to start off selling something smaller before getting into excavator sales. This will give you experience without the pressure of moving high dollar items. Even if you do not stay in the job long, any history you have working with customers and delivering a sales pitch will help you get in the door at an excavator retailer. You could also consider attending sales seminars, reading books that teach the craft, and taking business or marketing courses at your local college.


Once you have a little experience under your belt, you should begin visiting retailers who sell excavators in your area. Tell them that you would like to pursue a career in excavator sales, and show them your resume. When crafting a resume, make sure you tailor it to reflect experience that is most relevant to excavator sales and customer service. You can leave off anything that does not showcase your skills in this area, unless you have little or no experience working in sales.

Many retailers may give you a chance in sales because most sales positions are commission-based. This means that you only make money when you make a sale. Since retailers do not have to pay an hourly wage or salary, they are more eager to hire sales staff.

You may also consider starting your own excavator sales company. This generally requires a much higher initial investment of both time and money in order to generate an income. If you go with a drop shipping company, you may only have to pay for fees to use their services, as well as for design and marketing of a website to sell your products. Another route is to buy excavators outright and then resell them at retail prices on a lot. This may require you to take out a small business loan to purchase equipment, and you risk losing money if you don't make enough sales.

To be successful in your own business, it is important that you get to know the local construction companies in your area. These are the people who will likely buy your products, so making a good first impression is highly important. Attend conventions, career fairs, and other events and introduce yourself. You can also join your local chamber of commerce and call local companies to let them know you are in business.



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