How do I Choose the Best Excavator Rental?

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Choosing the best excavator rental is a matter of first evaluating the requirements of your project, and then finding a suitable construction equipment rental company. Some factors to consider are the size and depth of the dig, as well as ground stability and where the unit will be working. The deeper the foundation or trench is, the larger the excavator must be. If the unit has to work on pavement, then it should have have rubber tracks or wheels.

If you are uncertain as to which type of machine will best suit your needs, then you may want to provide the rental company with the details of the work you need done. They should be able to advise you on the most efficient solution. There are many companies that rent construction and mining equipment, as rental is a cost-effective solution for short jobs that do not justify the expense of purchasing a machine.

Rental equipment companies often have huge fleets of machines, which may include backhoes, diggers, bulldozers, and graders, among others. Some offer operated excavator rental, meaning that they provide a qualified, licensed operator as well as the machine. This is an excellent solution if you do not have an operator available on staff.


Besides rental costs, there are other factors you should keep in mind when considering an excavator rental. If the machine breaks down on the job, the rental company should handle repairs or replace the machine at their own expense. If you opt to rent the machine without an operator, however, some companies stipulate that you will be responsible for any repairs. If you have the equipment and staff to handle these issues then it may prove a cheaper option, although you should consider the downtime and lost revenue incurred by delaying your project.

Liability is also a major issue which you need to explore. This may be especially true if you are working with an operated rental service. Generally, you will be liable for any damage the machine incurs on your site that cannot be attributed to operator error.

In terms of pricing, companies charge differently, usually either by the hour or by the day; some companies may offer discounts for longer term rental. In the latter case, the rates are usually per week, month, or for the entire period. Even though it may be difficult to know exactly, you should try to determine how long you will need the excavator, so that you will be in the position to negotiate a better rate. The geographical location of the rental yard versus the construction site is also important, as transport of the machine will usually be charged separately.

Another issue that you should look at when choosing an excavator rental company is their policy regarding downtime due to bad weather, especially if it is a wet period. There may be cases when you will be unable to work for days due to rainy weather. You don’t want to be charged even for those days you are unable to use the machine.

When selecting a rental company to work with, you should carefully consider all the providers in your area to find the best option. This also means that you should take the time to read their rental contracts, including the fine print, to avoid any surprises. With proper research, you should be able to find the excavator rental that works best for your situation.



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