How do I get Instant Life Insurance Quotes?

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Instant life insurance quotes are a way to quickly get an idea of the price spectrum for life insurance. By answering a few basic questions, a potential client can gain general information about what they can be expected to pay for a life insurance plan. Clients should beware, however, as these quotes are not guarantees and may be a ploy by some insurance companies to get contact information.

Finding instant life insurance quotes is as simple as typing those words into an internet search engine. Dozens of websites for insurance companies, both large and small, offer instant quotes. Some sites may also offer a variety of quotes for different companies, so the client may compare and contrast rates and services.

Websites that offer instant life insurance quotes will typically ask several basic health and lifestyle questions. Age, marital status, any severe disabilities or illnesses, and whether the client is a smoker are all typical questions that must be answered in order to get a quote. With this information, the website can tabulate a general quote for life insurance based on the risk factors of the answers given. Again, be certain to read the fine print carefully. While these quotes can give a basic idea of the price of a life insurance plan, a client will typically have to answer far more detailed questions and possibly submit medical history and other documents in order to receive an accurate price.


While some websites that give instant life insurance quotes will display a quote on-screen, many will ask for the user's address, email, or phone number. A client will have to submit this information in order to receive the quote, which typically arrives by email in a few minutes. Some companies may then use any contact information provided to send you special offers or attempt to contact you and solicit your business with their company. Some companies may also sell their list of contact information to third parties, who may also use it to pester the user with offers.

Most reputable sites that offer instant life insurance quotes will give clients an option to refuse any future communications, and will offer a written guarantee that your personal information will not be sold or shared with other companies. Read security agreements carefully to ensure that any private information will be protected. It is unwise to give business to any company that will be careless with personal or confidential information, so think carefully before giving out your address or phone number to any company that doesn't provide guarantees of security.



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