How do I get a Free Life Insurance Quote?

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Typically it takes very little to get a free life insurance quote because it is in the nature of most insurance companies to want to offer these quotes to others. In essence, getting a free life insurance quote is usually only a matter of asking for one, and there are many ways to go about doing this.

People might want to start by looking at the companies that offer them other types of insurance. For instance, a company that offers car insurance, but also sells other lines of insurance, may be a good place to begin. Simply call the person or organization that insures cars and drivers in the family and ask them to prepare a quote. Sometimes there can be advantage in having more than one type of insurance from the same company, such as discounts on carrying several types.

Some people are fond of a particular life insurance company that has a good reputation. Another way to get a free life insurance quote is simply to contact that company and ask them for a quote. Quotes are usually generated pretty quickly. A representative of that company might be able to give an estimate of costs over the phone, or it may take a couple of days for the company to make a real offer on payment and payout.


Alternately, another way to get a free life insurance quote is by speaking with an insurance broker. These folks take down pertinent information like age, weight, and presence of any health conditions, including whether a person smokes, and look at the plans they represent to see which ones offer the most coverage at lowest prices. It gets a little harder to find cheap life insurance as people age, especially if they’re overweight, smoke and/or have any serious health concerns. However, there are usually some companies that are willing to offer life insurance, though they may do so at a higher fee.

Similar to a broker, there are many Internet sites that can give free life insurance quote information from multiple insurers at the same time. These are painless and take very little time to complete. In a matter of a couple of minutes, people may get quotes from several companies offering different types of life insurance.

It’s a good idea to do some searching to find the best rate and most reputable company. People might want to use more than one method for obtaining a free life insurance quote so they have the most information available to compare. There’s also benefit in checking with an employer if he/she offers life insurance. It may be possible to obtain the best rates through employee plans, and employees may be able to increase amounts of coverage they have if they feel they are underinsured.



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