How do I get Federal Law Enforcement Training?

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There are three items to consider when looking for federal law enforcement training programs: education level, admissions requirements, and faculty. A federal law enforcement agent is expected to travel around the country as required, on very short notice. The mandate of this type of agency tends to be very broad, and covers a wide range of high profile issues. These types of officers are often arranged into task forces or units, focusing on a specific type of crime.

There are two types of law enforcement training programs: general training and specialized, agency-specific training. General law enforcement training is typically available from a large community college or university. These programs are two to three years in length and provide sufficient training to obtain a position in a police station or other law enforcement agency.

Specialized, agency-specific training is provided and managed by a division of the individual law enforcement agencies. This is common in many countries, but is especially true in the United States. Admissions to this type of training are based on a combination of post-secondary education, experience, placement tests, and personal interviews. Many candidates complete at least two years of law enforcement training at a college or university before applying to federal law enforcement training college.


Within federal law enforcement training school, there are various areas of specialization available. Explore the different programs and look for opportunities that have long-term career prospects. For example, specialization in money laundering or embezzlement has a clear, long-term career path. Environmental law violation may have broad-ranging impact, but is often an underfunded area. Be sure to think about what type of career you are looking for when selecting an area of focus.

To qualify for admission to federal law enforcement training, you must have high school courses in English, law, and at least one advanced mathematics or science course. Most programs require a very high grade point average, in addition to letters of recommendation from teachers and community leaders. The vast majority of programs recommend candidates complete at least two years of undergraduate degree program at an accredited university or community college.

Most federal law enforcement training schools provide the biographies of their faculty or instructors on their websites. The information listed typically includes the academic credentials, work experience, special training, and any awards they have received. Review the information with care and learn more about the background of these instructors. Many are former law enforcement agents who are now teaching the next generation.



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