What are the Different Federal Police Jobs?

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Federal police jobs are very diverse in different countries, including the United States. Often, a country will have a special division that investigates crimes at the national level and makes apprehensions. In the United States, this is known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In England, it is called Scotland Yard. There are also federal police jobs in agencies that focus on the enforcement of the specific types of types or categories of of laws, such as finance, illegal substances, firearms, import/export, and immigration.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is in charge of investigating crimes that are considered to be under the jurisdiction of the federal court system. Federal police jobs with the bureau are often very complex, and require a college degree, plus additional training at the FBI law enforcement academy. Financial crimes, crimes that take place over state borders, and international crimes are just a few of the most common criminal investigations done by the FBI. FBI agents can also make arrests during the course of their duties.


Federal police jobs in the United States can also be found in the U.S. Marshals Service. As a deputy marshal, an individual will be responsible for enforcing federal laws. This could include weapons laws, drug trafficking, transporting prisoners in the federal system, working in the Witness Protection Program, escorting federal judges who have received threats, and other similar duties. These federal police jobs may not get a lot of attention, but deputy marshals are responsible for more than 50% of the arrests of federal suspects.

The Secret Service is an example of a more specialized law enforcement agency. This group is responsible for special assignments, mainly relating to the protection of high-level federal officials, as well as the investigation of crimes involving currency, such as large bank robberies and counterfeit money. The Secret Service is likely best known for providing the security for the president and vice president of the United States and their families.

Unlike types of law enforcement at the local level, federal police jobs will usually require at least a Bachelor's degree. Those with degrees in specific areas of need, such as finance and accounting, may find getting a law enforcement job somewhat easier. As with any other type of organizations, those who have expertise in areas of need will be in higher demand.

In addition to the educational requirements, each individual will need to be able to pass a physical fitness test that measures a variety of areas, including endurance and strength testing. The requirements differ depending on age and gender, but are listed at each organization's Web site. Those who are interested in a career with any of these agencies should do as much research and advanced training as possible to meet the minimum standards required.



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