How do I get an Associate's Degree in Art?

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In order to pursue an associate’s degree in art, you will usually have to gain admittance to a community college or a traditional university that also offers associate’s degrees. You can typically earn an associate's degree in art after studying full time for about two years. If you choose to go to college part time instead, you may need three years or more to earn an associate's degree. In most cases, an art associate’s degree program will include a core of courses related to your major, such as drawing, painting, 2- and 3-D design, art history, and digital art. You will likely have to take a selection of liberal arts courses and have an opportunity to enroll in electives as well.

You may choose to attend a community college to pursue an associate's degree in art. Often, these colleges only require you to be of legal adult age and have a high school or equivalency diploma to gain admittance. Some may even allow you to enroll as a high school student through a dual-admission program. A traditional four-year college, on the other hand, may offer some associate's degree programs but will usually have more rigorous admissions requirements than a community college and consider your grades from high school as well as the results of standardized test scores. Often, community colleges offer easier admissions processes, and they typically provide more of a selection of associate's degree programs.


The classes you will enroll in as you pursue an associate’s degree in art may depend on where you choose to enroll and the type of art degree you seek. If you choose to pursue a fine art degree, for example, you will typically take a range of drawing and painting classes. You may also take courses in 2-D and 3-D theory and principles. Some art degree programs may also include digital art, art history, and elective classes. Additionally, most associate’s degree programs include basic requirements in such subjects as composition, math, science, and non-art-related history.

You may choose to focus on drawing, painting, illustration, or sculpture as you pursue an associate's degree in art. You may even choose to make photography, ceramics, or print work your focus. The number of credits you will need to earn an associate’s degree in art depends on the college you choose and the particular art program you decide to pursue. Many colleges, however, require students to earn between 64 and 70 credits to obtain this type of degree.



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