How do I get a PhD in Education?

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Earning a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in education can lead to advancement in teaching positions and may open the doors for an individual who wants to work in an administration or research career. In order to earn a PhD in education, a person typically has to earn both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree. He also has to submit official transcripts, letters of recommendation, and scores from an entrance or assessment exam as part of the PhD program's application process. He may have to submit a personal goal statement or similar essay as well. Once enrolled, a person may need about five to seven years to earn this degree.

A person who wants to earn a PhD in education typically has to commit to long years of education. An individual interested in this educational path has to complete high school or earn an equivalent to a high school diploma and then go on to attend college and earn a bachelor's degree. After college, a person who wants to earn this credential usually has to earn a master's degree, and some schools require the master's degree to be in a field related to education. Additionally, many PhD in education programs require candidates to have experience teaching or working in a position related to education, community service, or social work.


The exact application process a person will face depends on where he wants to go to school. In most cases, however, a person who wants to pursue a PhD in education has to take a graduate school assessment or entrance exam and score well on it. He'll also have to submit official transcripts from each college or university he has attended. Typically, PhD programs also require applicants to secure letters of recommendation and write personal statements or essays that explain why they wish to earn PhDs. Additionally, some schools may require applicants to submit resumes and other supporting documents.

Once enrolled, a person who wants to earn a PhD in education usually has to complete a range of required courses to work toward this degree. He may also conduct research and participate in internships and independent-study activities. Typically, a person pursuing this degree also has to prepare a dissertation, which is intended to demonstrate his mastery of the course of study. He may have to pass an oral examination as well. The length of time a person needs to earn a PhD in education may vary, but many people earn this degree in about five to seven years.



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