How do I Find College Study Help?

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College study help is available in many forms, so you may be able to take advantage of more than one option. For example, you may want to begin by purchasing the study guides that are designed to complement your textbooks. Then you may want to hire a private tutor to assist you. Other options include using your school's student learning center or similar resources that are available online. You may also want to consider joining an on-campus study group.

One good source of college study help may be available in your school's bookstore. You may be unaware of it, but many textbooks have complementary study guides. These can be valuable resources when a person needs extra instruction. Study guides are often designed to address difficult topics and to reiterate main points.

A private tutor can be an excellent source of college study help. One drawback of private tutors, however, is that for some students the fees are excessive. If you can afford to hire one, this may be the best way to go. Try to find an individual who majors in the area where you need help. For example, if you are a law student who is having trouble in math, do not hire another law student as a tutor. Hire a person who is currently majoring in math or who has done so.


If you need college study help that focuses more on effective learning habits than on difficulty with course material, you should check to see if your school has a student learning center. Most colleges recognize that there are a lot of students who enroll in their facilities who lack adequate study and learning skills. Schools generally respond by providing student resource centers staffed with tutors, instructors, and advisers who can help individuals develop skills that allow them to succeed during their college careers.

The help that you need may also be available online. There are organizations on the Internet that provide a wide range of resources for those needing college study help. This may include study advice and tips, practice tests and study materials, and access to online study groups.

Realize that virtual assistance is not suitable for everyone. Some people may find it more beneficial to join on-campus study groups. Check with your classmates or on bulletin boards around the campus for meeting times. If you need college study help because of a learning disorder or inability to recover from a tragic event, such as a death in your family, you should speak with a school counselor. There are often special accommodations made for individuals in these circumstances.



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