How do I Earn a Supply Chain Degree?

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The best way to earn a supply chain degree generally is to enroll in a business school that offers a supply chain management program. People who have already graduated from an undergraduate program and are looking to further their education or enhance their credentials in the supply chain industry can enroll in a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program that has a concentration in supply chain management. Many supply chain MBA programs typically accept candidates that have worked in the supply chain industry for at least two years. During this time, individuals gain practical experience in dealing with supply chain issues, such as resource acquisition, inventory control, and logistics.

Many of the undergraduate supply chain programs are difficult to get into because of the skills and abilities generally required to be successful in the supply chain industry. Typically, students should have outstanding high school grades and a high score on the SATâ„¢ or ACT college entrance exam. Qualified students will also be interviewed by faculty members before being offered a spot in the supply chain degree program. Some of the courses required for the supply chain degree include purchasing, logistics management, supply chain management, and information technology (IT) management.


Graduate programs are equally selective in their admission process, requiring at least two years of experience in the supply chain industry before even considering students for the program. The average grade point average (GPA) of students accepted into a supply chain MBA program is 3.4 on a 4.0 scale. A high score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and a successful interview are typically required for admission as well. Some of the topics covered in the master's program include strategic management, managerial finance, and supply chain relationships.

Taking the initiative and planning projects with the future in mind can help you earn a supply chain degree. Many schools typically favor students that are naturally inclined to think creatively and have a vision for where they want to go. Since supply chain jobs require individuals to identify, locate, acquire, and position resources in order to successfully deliver a product from conception to consumer, the ability to analyze, plan, organize, implement, and communicate are essential. It typically is important to develop these skills while earning a supply chain degree. The more involved you are in the conception and management of a project, the more likely you are to gain a full understanding of the supply chain industry.



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