How do I Become a Supply Chain Specialist?

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There are many paths to a career as a supply chain specialist, depending on your current level of education and career goals. If you are just starting out, a college degree in business with specialized supply chain training will prepare you to be a supply chain management professional. There are also supply chain degrees available from universities at the master’s level if you already have a bachelor’s degree. If you are already working in manufacturing, you can become a supply chain specialist by taking supply chain courses and earning a supply chain certification. The most important part of becoming a supply chain professional is finding a good entry-level job in supply chain management.

The typical path to becoming a supply chain specialist begins with college-level supply chain courses. Many supply chain professionals start out with a bachelor’s degree in business, which teaches them about the different parts of the supply chain network. With this basic knowledge, you can pursue advanced studies in supply chain management and learn how to improve the efficiency of the supply chain as well as gain intensive knowledge of supply chain economics. As with any career, the more education you have in your field, the more marketable you are and the faster you will find a job.


If you already have a bachelor’s degree in business, specialized training in supply chain economics can help you further your career. Although you can get a master’s degree in business administration with a focus on supply chain management, you can also get education through professional training. There are many supply chain courses available online or through business training centers that can help you learn more about the supply chain network and help you find a job in supply chain management. It is important to have your education listed on your résumé so that you can market yourself as a dedicated supply chain management professional.

After you have completed your education in supply chain economics and management, the next important step to becoming a supply chain specialist is to apply for an entry-level position with a company that can offer ongoing education. Many companies like to train their supply chain mangers in their specific networks and will be happy to help you further your career through on-the-job training. As a supply chain specialist, you will need to learn as much as you can about every step in the company’s supply chain.



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