How Do I Develop a Yoga Routine?

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Developing your own yoga routine requires patience and practice. It will not be easy to create a routine without prior knowledge of the basic precepts of yoga and knowledge of your physical limitations. It is also important for yoga practitioners to realize that yoga is led by the breath and the body, not the mind. Armed with this knowledge, creating a routine can be an exciting and fun endeavor, leading to a healthier lifestyle.

When you first consider developing a new routine for yoga, you must consider what you know about yoga. If you do not know how to perform yoga poses, you may want to take beginning yoga classes to learn how to do them correctly. You will want to start out with simple poses before moving on to advanced yoga. As an alternative, you may choose to select one of the many affordable yoga routines available on DVD. These can be a good way to learn poses, although of course you will not be corrected for errors in your poses.


After practicing yoga for a while, you can begin choosing your own to do at home. These exercises for your yoga routine should be balanced, focusing on all parts of the body equally. Make sure the exercises you select are appropriate, also. Some kinds of exercises may be harmful if you have certain medications or old injuries. When you begin in your yoga class, you should inform the instructor of these conditions so he or she can help you discover exercises that will work for you.

Once you have decided on the exercises you will begin with for your yoga routine, you may write them down for a reference until you are able to remember them on a consistent basis. You can then focus on doing the exercises, breathing correctly, and controlling the movement of your body. As you improve on the exercises, it will become easier to link the exercises together so they flow. You will also have an easier time concentrating on clearing your mind and developing your breathing techniques.

Safety can play a huge role in developing a successful routine. It is important to consider your health restrictions, but it can be just as important to make sure the space around you is safe for the exercise. Clear the area of any debris that could cause you injury during your yoga routine. Make sure it is free from distractions as well. For this, you may want to choose a space to practice behind closed doors.



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