How Do I Choose the Best Yoga DVD?

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People choosing yoga digital video discs (DVDs) and other tools for home practice may want to consider skill level, the reason they’re interested in yoga, and instructor. It is important to select a physically appropriate DVD with a likeable, skilled instructor. Sometimes it is possible to view previews or clips to give people an idea of the tone and style of a particular DVD to determine if it’s appropriate for them. Reviews are usually available, and friends or instructors may have recommendations as well.

One important consideration is skill level and fitness. For people who want to start yoga, it is advisable to talk to a doctor to determine if there are any contraindications, because while yoga can be gentle, it is also physically demanding. A yoga DVD should be targeted at a specific level of skill and may include variations on the poses for people with injuries or specific concerns. For people with particular conditions, it may help to get a DVD targeted at people with the same condition, because it will usually include safe practice tips.

The instructor’s personality and training are also important to consider. Beginning practitioners may want a yoga DVD that offers advice on getting into poses, holding them safely, and integrating breathing into yoga practices. People with more experience and skill require less instruction and might want a faster-paced, more challenging practice. In both cases, if the instructor is irritating or boring, it may be hard to commit to regular at-home practice.


Some DVDs come with multiple routines and variations to allow people to mix and match. This can help prevent boredom, which is often a concern with exercising alone at home. People may want to consider a yoga DVD that offers practices of varying lengths so they can always fit yoga into their schedule. All practices should include opportunities to warm up and cool down to reduce the risk of injury.

Reasons for practicing yoga can also be important. DVDs may be geared at developing strength and flexibility, toning muscles, losing weight, or supplementing a spiritual practice. The types of poses and tone of the presentation can vary considerably depending on the purpose. A yoga DVD should mesh with the needs of the practitioner; someone who wants to get more flexible, for example, might not need vigorous routines intended to promote metabolism and weight loss. The packaging can provide information about the kinds of routines available and the instructor biography may have more information to help people determine if a yoga DVD would be a good fit for their needs.



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