How Do I Choose the Best Zopiclone Tablets?

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Individuals should choose the best zopiclone tablets under the advice of their physicians. In many countries, this drug is only available by prescription, and it has a high potential for abuse and for causing dependency. Physicians are therefore the best resource for determining whether these tablets, which are ordinarily used for temporary treatment of sleeping problems, are appropriate.

In places like the US, zopiclone tablets are not that popular. A close relative of this medication, which shares a similar chemical structure, is eszopiclone, and it is more commonly prescribed. Both zopiclone and eszopiclone are part of a group of sleeping medications that were developed to cause less dependency, but in zopiclone’s case, it’s been established that individuals can become dependent on the drug within a few weeks of regular use. This means that people should choose to take this medication for short periods of time, unless otherwise advised. Additionally, tapered withdrawal of the drug may be necessary to prevent side effects.


There may be several doses of zopiclone tablets available, and the appropriate dose could depend on patient age, health, and response. Typically, the two most common strengths are 3.75 milligrams (mg) and 7.5 mg. If the smaller amount is not adequately addressing sleeping problems, the 7.5 mg dose could be considered. Withdrawal prevention is usually achieved by having patients switch to the lower strength tablet after a few weeks. Some individuals are able to get adequate relief from insomnia with the 3.75 mg dose, and in these cases, they might taper off the drug by taking half pills for a few days before they discontinue.

There are good reasons for consultation with a doctor to determine which, if any, are the right zopiclone tablets. The medication may react with a number of other drugs or physical conditions. It’s not advised in conjunction with many drugs to treat mental illnesses, with pain medications, or with antihistamines. Patients who are breastfeeding a child, have breathing difficulties, or who have liver problems also shouldn’t use this drug. A physician can help rule out other conflicting medications or medical conditions prior to prescribing this medication.

While zopiclone may be useful under medically supervised circumstances, it has been labeled as a drug of abuse. Individuals are strongly advised by the medical community not to take this medication unless they have a prescription. Those who have a prescription should not share it with others as the potential for dangerous side effects or addiction is too great.



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